A hormonal party for one:
from struggling to strutting your stuff

We, as women, are the first generation to be openly talking about menopause. So, it’s little wonder that many women, as they begin to experience symptoms in perimenopause, can have little idea what is going on, struggle to find reliable information and can’t find the support they need.

Most of us were never taught anything about menopause, we heard whispers of ‘the change’ or as in my case, watched their mothers transform into someone unrecognisable for a few years!

Menopause has been surrounded by silence, loneliness, judgement and fear (fear often brought on by that long list of symptoms you get if you google menopause!) for way too long, and that is thankfully in the process of changing.

If you are a woman in menopausal transition who is not willing to ‘put up and shut up. If you are a woman who wants answers and how to’s, a woman who refuses to accept anything less than the best for her life, then welcome to Menopause Mind, you are definitely in the right place.

I truly believe that whilst menopausal transition can create its own hormonal party for one, with a wild array of symptoms, some of which can be completely debilitating, it also provides us with a necessary time, an opportunity for re-evaluating and rebalancing every aspect of our lives to create an even better life moving forward.

Our minds, bodies, environment and spirit (whatever you believe spirit to be) all need to be working together, in harmony, for our best possible health, happiness, energy, desire and ability to embrace a fulfilling life we love.

Often, due to a combination of factors which might include; trauma, grief, old beliefs, learned behaviours, unhelpful thinking patterns, confidence and self-worth issues, eating and exercise habits, sleep issues, life events, responsibilities, work and family stress and much more, Our minds, bodies and spirit become completely out of sync, working against one another and exacerbating the severity of our symptoms and impacting dramatically upon our quality of life.

When we achieve this reconnection and balance, we not only create more hormonal harmony (bye-bye debilitating symptoms) but we also clear the way for stepping into a life that we love on our terms.

My Mission & Vision

To improve the quality of life of women from peri-menopause to post menopause.


To promote menopause awareness so it becomes everyone’s conversation


To create a network of support so no woman has to feel alone during this transitional time.


To empower and enable women to find their way to embracing a fulfilling life.

What we do and our approach

We work with transformation: taking everyone from the unique place they are at when we first meet, to their chosen destination. This might sound a little cliché but if we think about a journey with a starting point and a destination, this is our approach:

  1. Together we identify the starting point: what’s good, what’s not so good and what is a priority to change .. this might include symptoms, feelings, thoughts, behaviours, beliefs, stress loads, practical issues and so forth.
  2. We then, together, identify your destination: where would you like to be? Where do you choose to be? What’s within your control and what feels like it isn’t within your control right now? How would you like to be feeling, behaving, thinking,? What does the place, where you are living your best life, look like to you?
  3. We then map out a (flexible) plan, step by step, where I support you and empower you through coaching and therapy (if needed), and through giving you the tools, strategies and the know-how to move from your starting point (eg. struggling) to your destination (eg strutting your stuff)
  4. This is done by looking at the bigger picture of your life and then the detail within your life picture, the external and internal impacts and influences upon what you are experiencing right now in the menopausal transition and then implementing the change of your choosing.
  5. The aim of our work is always to create a powerful connection of balance between your mind-body, environment, actions, values and spirit (whatever spirit means to you) so you can move forward and embrace life on your terms, achieving the best quality of life possible for you.

    This approach is applied in one to one work, group work, speaking and training events.

The core values I live and work by include:

Integrity, honesty, commitment, passion, open mindedness, curiosity for learning, reliability, kindness, and compassion.

My Promise

Every individual I engage with will have access to information and resources to enable them to make informed choices about how they manage their own menopausal transition and beyond.

Every woman in menopausal transition is beautifully unique and will be treated with respect and consideration of their specific wants, needs and aspirations.

I will always endeavour to develop and maintain a supportive and empowering relationship with every individual who engages with Menopause Mind’s free and invested in services.

I will provide information, resources, support and use all skills, knowledge and experience available to me to enable every individual that enters my programs and services to progress in minimising symptoms, improving their quality of life and reaching their desired outcomes.

I will engage in continual professional development to enable me to provide the best possible service to the women, organisations and individuals that I serve.