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Menopause awareness training and workshops.
Women make up nearly half the UK workforce but it is estimated that 900,000 women have quit their jobs due to menopause.

With the rising profile of menopause and the recent government initiatives, more and more businesses and organisations are getting recognised as being leaders in their field, by creating a shift in their workplace culture, to one of support and inclusivity for menopausal women.

This culture change is a relatively simple process to achieve and is enabling valuable employees to remain productive and stay in employment. Happier staff, improved staff retention and a reduction in sick days are an all-around win for everyone.

Becoming menopause aware is also making employers a more attractive prospect for those looking for a career with a company that cares and who has their finger on the pulse of change.

If you are looking for menopause awareness training for your staff, employees, managers, H.R team, or for yourself please get in touch to discuss your specific needs.

Counselling/coaching/therapy in businesses and organisations: As a stand-alone or add on service to the menopause awareness training, I offer one to one and small group options; for those who might need extra support in place.

Events Speaker: I’m always ready to talk about menopause, from menopause awareness to understanding and managing specific symptoms, boosting emotional wellbeing, alleviating stress, anxiety and more.

My aim is always to connect deeply with my audience in a way that informs and inspires them. With real women’s stories, practical tips and bundles of energy it’s time to bring this, formerly taboo, subject alive.

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